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The American-Marsh test facility is a building of nearly 15,000 square designed for use in witnessed and non-witnessed performance testing of centrifugal equipment. The test lab features nearly 50 calibrated lab motors through 500 horsepower, a 300 horsepower inverter used for variable speed testing, a 15,000 gallon flooded suction test stand and a 300,000 gallon test tank for use in testing vertical product. We can test using voltages that range from 115 volt all the way through 4160 volt. As the largest test stand in the southeastern United States, this facility fully meets American Water Well Association and Hydraulic Institute testing requirements. All motors, pressure gauges, flow meters and electrical measurement equipment meet ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025 calibration standards. Our test facility also fully meets Factory Mutual testing requirements for testing our fire protection product lines.

Test Lab Performance Characteristics

Flows to: 100,000 GPM (22,712 cu. m/hr.)

Pressure to: 1000+ PSI (69 Bar)

Electrical: 115 Volt, 230 Volt, 460 Volt, 4160 Volt – Single & Three Phase

Speed ranges: To 3600 RPM

Additional Reference Material

Chemical Chart

Lists commonly pumped fluids and shows effects of this fluid on metallic, non-metallic and elastomeric materials.

Material Chart

Details the chemistry of commonly casted and barstock materials for use in pumping equipment.

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